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Today we have the blog tour for TURN TO STONE by debut author, Ariana Rose. Check it out and get your copy or read for #FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Author: Ariana Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: August 28


Their first run in would not be their last. Each time their paths intersected their connection was undeniable. She was seeking a love that only lived in her fantasies. He was seeking understanding from someone who would allow him to be the human he knew he was inside but couldn’t show the world for fear of the cost.

With everything against them, would they be the one each other so desperately needed? Would people, time and circumstance keep them apart? Would he be able to break free of expectation and reclaim his life? Would she ever openly be able to finally love like she always dreamed of and……. Turn To Stone


“I need you to do that scene again. The lighting was just a bit off, and Quinn, you weren’t giving me enough. I want to feel that inner struggle.” Just as I’m about to take a breath, he turns in my direction. “Alexandra?”

“Yes. Yes, sir.” I extend my hand. “I’m Alexandra. I prefer Lex.”

“You say ‘sir,’ and I look for my father. You can call me Jordan.” His hand is rough and his shake even more so. Camryn said he was abrasive. I need to grow a thicker skin and quick. “Are you legal?”

“Excuse me?” I ask.

“I mean, is all your paperwork complete? Are you fit to work?”

“Yes, I’m all set. I should warn you. I did twist my ankle a bit yesterday. It shouldn’t be a problem. I’m just moving a little slower than normal.” The words just keep coming. It’s an obnoxious habit I have when I’m nervous.

“Do I need to worry that you are accident-prone?” he asks, sounding a bit irritated.

“No. No, sir… I mean, Jordan. It was a random one-time issue that shouldn’t happen again.” I wish it would—not the ankle part, but I do wish the players would.

“Then let’s get you started with your duties, expectations, and your formal introductions.” I hardly have time to take the screen lock off my tablet before he begins with his list. “You oversee making sure the sets are right and organized for the day. The script edits will be the first and last thing you do every day. Things move fast and change often, and you need to adapt. The actors are your largest concern. The only person whose needs come before theirs are mine. I will need you to begin to anticipate me as quickly as possible.”

“You mean your schedule? Your plans?”

“No. I mean everything about me. I know there will be a learning curve here, but the curve will be short. It must be. I have one main simple rule, Alexandra. If you’re early, you’re on time; if you’re on time, you’re late. Understood?”

All I can think is fuck, what did I just agree to? “Yes. I understand completely. I will be available to you and I’m a quick learner.” I hope I didn’t just lie my way into a corner.

Just as we finish my to-do list, he begins to introduce me to the cast. “Alexandra, this is our lovely star, Quinn Davis. Quinn, this is my new PA, Alexandra.”

I extend my hand to her. “Lex is fine. It’s nice to meet you.”

Her hand is limp in mine, and when I look up, chills run through me. Her smile is there, but it doesn’t go all the way to her eyes. It reminds me of…

“Pleasure,” she says. I wouldn’t call her bitchy, but I see that the potential is there. “Jordan”—she turns, basically ignoring I exist at this point— “what you said about that last take, I was giving you what you asked for.”

Jordan heavily exhales. “Alexandra, will you excuse us, please?”

“Oh…yes, of course.” I take about five paces backward before I turn right into another human. A very male human. My eyes go right to his chest. My hands land square on his arms. Oh God… not again. How does this even happen? I look up and those same eyes from the other day are staring back at me.

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About Ariana Rose

Ariana Rose is a working wife and mother of two from the Minneapolis area. Her need to tell a good story has always been there but in earnest the last 6 years. She was inspired to take the leap to write a story by the encouragement of those who had come before her and those taking the journey with her. Turn To Stone is her debut.

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