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Today we have the blog tour of HITMAN WEDDING by Eve Langlais! Check it out and grab your copy today!


Author: Eve Langlais

Genre: Contemporary Romance


The employees of Bad Boy Inc. are gathering for a celebration. The bride sported the latest in bullet proof corsets. The groom wore a gun. The guests came armed for action. But the cake blew up before they could eat it. As for the honeymoon, it’s going to be a mad chase across the globe dodging bullets and bombs to find the culprit who wants them all dead.

Once upon a time, Darren fell for a woman while in the world’s most romantic city. In full view of the Eiffel tower he had his heart torn from his chest and stomped on.

Time for revenge. Francesca played Darren for a fool, but he won’t let it happen again. Now that he’s found her, she’s going to pay for her actions. Problem is she’s getting under his skin. Rubbing against his skin. Making him remember those Paris days and hotter nights.

Before he can decide if he’s crazy enough to fall in love with her again, everything explodes after the wedding.


“I will have you know that Russia is the best country in the world.”

“A country that allowed you to be taken as a small child and stuck in a boot camp.”

“For which I am grateful. Without their intervention, I would have gone to regular school and probably ended up in a factory.

Instead, I get to wear beautiful clothes, travel the world. Eat fine food, and drink expensive wine.”

“Sleep with men for information. Kill them.”

“You say that like those are bad things.” She smiled. “Some people deserve to die.”

“Do I?”

“Only if you touch my gnocchi.” The light retort saw his expressions fighting themselves, the softness warring with the anger.

“Keep making jokes. We’ll stay out at seas until you tell me everything I want to know.”

“You can’t do that. You must take me to shore.”

“When you tell me everything, and I’ve verified it.”

“And what if I don’t know the answers?”

“You’d better hope you do.”

She flattened her lips. “I don’t have time for your games. I must report in.”

“They think you’re dead.”

“I can tell you right now, they know I’m alive. The longer I don’t report in, the worse it will be.”

“Then don’t report back in ever again. You tell me what I want to know, and I’ll have the boat deposit you somewhere where you can start over.”

If only it were that simple. “You idiot. Listen to me. I can’t start over, nor can I stay here with you. I’m being tracked. As in, somewhere in my body, there’s a chip transmitting my location.”

“Your agency chips its operatives?”

“Doesn’t yours?”

Darren struggled before he bit out, “Yes, but we would never use it against them. We only use the trackers in case the agents go missing and are in need of rescue.”

“You mean if they’ve been kidnapped?” was her sarcastic retort. “My handler will use the chip to find me. If you are still alive when they do, then I will be punished for being negligent. Unless I am somehow incapacitated.” Her expression brightened as she got an idea. She sat in the chair and laced her hands behind her back. “Tie me up.”

“What? No.”

“Yes, tie me up. That way, when they find me, I will have an excuse for not killing you.”

“You want me to tie you up so you don’t have to kill me?” he said it slowly.


“Why don’t you want to kill me?”

Her excuse had nothing to do with any mission and everything to do with her wet panties. “Because the sex was good. And the world is small. Maybe we’ll find the time to have sex again one day.”

It should have been the perfect carrot to dangle, the opening to have him kissing her instead of asking endless questions. It didn’t work as expected.

Darren stalked out of the cabin, leaving her yelling, “Come back here and tie me up!”

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About Eve:

New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Eve Langlais is a Canadian author who loves to write hot romance. She likes to blame her twisted imagination for her sarcastic sense of humor which tends to heavily influence her stories. She loves to write, and while she might not always know what her mind is going to come up with next, she does promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because she believes in a happily ever after.


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