Sunday, August 12, 2012


Deeply, Desperately by Heather Webber I really enjoyed the second book in this series. The series kind of reminds me of Evanovich's series, but a tad different. This book was a light read with a twinge of danger and mystery. I love that Lucy struck out on her own and is so determined to make it on her own. The relationship between Preston and Lucy seems to be getting better and Lucy's relationship with Sean is moving along. I love how Lucy helps bring people together. Leo's story was so heartwarming and Sarah's story was very sad. I am excited to read the next book to see what new troubles Lucy can uncover. Ten Girl to Watch by Charity Shumway What a wonderful book by a debut author. [book:Ten Girls to Watch: A Novel|13260167] by [author:Charity Shumway|5327066] was totally unexpected. I was expecting more of a beach read and when I began it and realized it was not going to be a beach read, I was surprised. This is a story of growing up and lessons learned. Dawn is struggling with all aspects of her life and she gets a chance from the unlikeliest of people, her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend introduces her to Regina, editor of Charm Magazine and this chance meeting turns into a freelance job for her. She is to track down the prior Ten Girls to Watch from the last 50 years and at the end there will be a 50th Anniversary Party. Dawn is relegated to the archives building and given an office which is nothing more than a closet. She begins the process of find past TGTW woman. She gets them to talk freely to her and she enjoys what she is doing. She is given advice from most all of the women on how to do things or what not to do. Dawn is living in a crummy apartment, with a slob for a roommate and barely making ends meet. I thought this would be a HEA book, but the book was left open-ended. Although things were finally looking up for Dawn and she was creating a foundation for the future, she still has a way to go to get to where she wants to be. It was a wonderful story and I was intrigued by each and every story of the women and how they got to where they are today.