Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I am such a Robyn Carr fan and will read anything she writes. The VR series is still my favorite, by far, but I am enjoying this series as well.

Seth moves back to Thunder Point to take over for Mac who has moved onto a new position.

Iris is riding her bike down the road.

Grace owns the flower shop.

Okay, who are these people? Am I reading a RC book or did I click on the wrong book? Nope! These are new characters in the Town of Thunder Point.

This is the story of Iris and Seth and how they were best friends growing up. There was something that happened (not going to spoil it) on a night where Seth went to a party and Iris took him home because he was drunk, that started their 15 year feud. From friends to enemies.

Seth has come back to town to try to find out if he can have a relationship with Iris and to attempt to patch up his relationship with his father, Norm (the previous owner of the gas station in town).

Troy (the History teacher at the high school) has previously dated Iris and is working to see if he can win her back.

Lots of new characters; Robbie Delaney, Sassy, Rachel, etc. all to liven up the little town of Thunder Point.

Loved the ending and I'm looking forward to when Dr. Grant gets married.

5 stars