Thursday, June 26, 2014


What an amazing book.

I was thinking it might just be another love triangle book, but was I ever wrong.

Charlie finally has a relationship with her father and after he passes away she leaves her home along with her bad memories.

She has a "safe" relationship with her boyfriend Trevor, until the day she goes to a study group and meets Cody (an ex-Motocross rider).

You just want to pull for Cody from the beginning. This is a roller coaster book that have your emotions up one minute and down the next.

The characters in this book held my heartstrings. I absolutely loved Cody and how could you not want to just embrace Gabe and Jessie.

There are lost of surprises and shocks in this book, but I just loved it.

This was a new author for me, but I can promise I'll read more because the writing style was so wonderful and compelling and the story itself drew me in and I just wanted to keep reading to find out if the ending would be what I wanted it to be.

5 stars

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