Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Another fun book by Debbie Macomber. There are a few series that when I read the next book in it, it's like going back home to visit. This series happens to be one of them.

The cast of characters include:

Lauren Elliot, a sales associate in a jewelry store, who has just learned that her "younger" sister is pregnant.

Todd, Lauren's boyfriend who keeps putting off getting engaged.

Lydia Goes who co-owns A Good Yarn with her sister Margaret.

Bethanne Hamlin Scranton, a party planner who is married to Max Scranton who have a long distance marriage.

Grant, Bethanne's ex-husband

This book is set around A Good Yarn where is seems everyone likes to meet. This time most of the meeting takes place over a new pattern for a baby blanket.


Lauren has had enough of Todd procrastinating, so she breaks her relationship off with him. She begins to knit a baby blanket for her younger sister.

Lydia worries that the shop, A Good Yarn, is not holding its own and suddenly there are baskets with partially started scarfs around the area with a note saying to please finish me and return to A Good Yarn or homeless shelter. It is a mystery.

Grant is on a path to attempt to get Bethanne back and as luck would have it, their son is going to have a baby and, therefore, he asks Bethanne about everything and goes so far as to plan a family dinner.

Bethanne's husband is a bit jealous about the way Grant interferes with Bethanne's life and the fact that he has a key to her house and can walk in and out.

There are so many characters in the book from past books, but I think my favorite, by far, is Rooster.

Rooster and Lauren begin a courtship starting as friends and quickly it turns into wedding bells.

I love the ups and downs that all of the characters go through in the book from Bethanne's daughter finding out what a liar her father is to Max and Rooster making an unexpected decision.

Absolutely felt like coming home for a visit and going to a wedding.

5 stars