Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I wasn't too sure when I read the first novella in this series. The thought of rats freaked me out a bit, but this book didn't get me freaked out at all.

This book begins with Kit working at TJ's as a bartender. She comes upon a fight in the alley and using her skills, she helps a witch named Justin. Kit seems to have more than one skill going for her and even though she was basically disowned by her family, after drifting, she seems to have found a place and some new friends. They have taken her under their wing. Kit gets these twitchy feelings that something is wrong. Justin, who is a freelance witch, comes back into her world and asks for a favor to help him with a situation. Kit agrees and she goes off with Justin. Kit has grit and determination and she wants to do things her way.

Actually ended up really enjoying this short novella.

4 stars

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