Thursday, June 26, 2014


From the description of the book I expected something totally different. What I got was more of a romance book, not to say that's a bad thing.

The basic premise of this book is a sex boot camp for females who are losing the interest of their husbands. It is very expensive and a six week intense training course. The women are secluded away. One woman in particular, Ally, was the focal point of the book.

What I was not expecting was Justice Drake. He was dark, sexy and broody, and his ways were unconventional. He kept his dark secrets hidden away. There were also so seriously hot scenes. In addition, there were some sweet and tender scenes, which included episodes of Friends and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

I got a kick out of some of the women at the sessions as well as what occurs during the timeframe of these sessions.

At times I felt my mind drift away from he book and that is why it earned 4 vs. 5 stars. I do think the book is well written and very well crafted.

4 stars