Thursday, June 26, 2014


What I loved most about this book was the belly laughs that I got out of it. As a friend pointed out, there was some rehashing through the book instead of at the beginning.

I love the troubles that Stephanie manages to get herself into. She is such a magnet for car wrecks, rocket launchers, compromising positions, etc.

Jimmy Polleti, a used car dealer is out on bail and here the story begins.

This book brought back Randy Briggs and the storyline focused on him being on the run and afraid for his life.

The second part of the storyline was the troubles that Ranger was having (almost seemed like Stephanie's back luck was rubbing off on him).

The obvious love triangle involving Ranger and Morelli as they both take turns making sure Stephanie is okay. This one was not as filled with sexual tension as prior books.

The addition of 10 Chihuahuas was hysterical.

4 stars