Monday, August 4, 2014


As the prior book, The Wager was ending, The Dare was beginning.

Now that Grandma has managed to get her 2 grandsons married off, she has set her sights on her DIL's sister. After enlisting some help, she spirits Beth and Jace away to a tropical resort on Hawaii. There Beth and Jace begin the process of falling in love. Beth has no intentions of letting her heart control her and Jace states that he will walk away as soon as the vacation is over.

Can Jace and Beth make it work and will Grandma and her assistants be able to pull off another wedding.

I laughed out loud many times, although I thought the beginning of the book to be a tiny bit slow, it ended on a high not for me.

Rachel Van Dyken is a fairly new author to me, but I plan to read anything she writes as I am "smitten" with her writing.

4.5 stars