Monday, August 4, 2014


Set in Atlanta in 1974 when woman and anyone that was not white was considered a minority and not worth the trouble, we head right into a Cop Killing.

Maggie, who was born into a family of cops and Kate who was brought up on the right side of the tracks are thrown together in the adventure of finding the cop killer, without letting the brass know because women shouldn't be on the force to begin with. One of the intended targets was Maggie's brother, making her more determined than ever to solve this puzzle.

This crime takes us down a winding path and along the way, we see things that only 40 years ago were common place and nowadays as I was reading, I was shocked to remember the things that people went through.

I read that (so far) this is not going to be a series and she is working on another stand alone book (not about cops) before going back to the Will Trent books. I really feel like there could definitely be more to this story and some things seemed to be left unsaid.

As always, it is a fast-paced read. I am a huge Karin Slaughter fan and love her other series.

4 stars

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