Thursday, August 7, 2014


Picking up where True Love (Nantucket Brides #1) left off, we are in the midst of the wedding of Alix Madsen to Jared Montgomery. All the friends and family are there and a few newcomers have arrived.

Toby has been tasked with the unofficial title of "wedding planner" and she is ensuring that everything is perfect to Alix and Jared.

Graydon, a Montgomery cousin and his twin brother Rory, have flown in for the wedding. Graydon can't keep his eyes off Toby. Graydon, who is nothing if not honorable, is a Prince (as is his brother), but Graydon is slated to take over the Lanconia Kingdom and duty bound to wed Danna.

At a loss over what to do about his feeling for Toby, Graydon decides to take a vacation on Nantucket and switch places with his twin brother, giving him time to explore his feelings for the woman who can, "as legend has it" tell the twins apart and that person would be their True Love.

During Graydon's time on Nantucket, he shares Toby's house (but not her bed) with her. They are pulled by the vacant home next door and travel back in time. The right wrongs that they encounter, but in the end Graydon goes home to Lanconia.

I love the new mix of characters and the established characters of Lexie, Jilly, Ken, Victoria, Dr. Huntley, etc. and really am enjoying this series.

4.5 stars