Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Tilly Chalmers is now a security officer for Heller.

In her three new assignments she has to chaperone scary drug addict at a rehab clinic, she is sent to live at a religious cult (because Heller is pissed at her), where she runs into one of her ex-boyfriend and she is tasked with protecting Trent, a TV host while he attends a trial in court.

This book started off and I was thinking it was getting repetitive, but then Tilly donned a costume and the hilarity began.

I am sick and tired of the up and down relationship issues that Tilly and Heller have. Heller has a really dark side and half the time he doesn't realize what comes out of his mouth is truly cruel. Then there are times that Heller can be so sweet and sensitive.

The Cult Farm totally freaked me out. I know Heller sent her there as punishment. I can't believe he didn't vet out the members that spirited Tilly away.

I found this book a bit more disturbing in what happened in some situations and found myself wondering why a lot of the time.

I love the funny LOL stuff in the book and regret that Tilly was silly enough to fall for Will's ploy, but the dark was very dark in this book.

I found I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous books, but definitely enough to continue, and am hoping they get back on track.

4 stars