Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Pat Peoples has had an emotional breakdown. He is now out of the “bad place” and living in his parents’ basement. He is dead set that when “apart time” is over, he will reconcile with his wife, Nikki. Pat feel that his life is playing out like a movie. He is a fitness freak and does everything he can to make up for the way he treated Nikki prior to his breakdown. What Pat is unaware of is the amount of time his was in the facility, what actually happened and where his friends and family are currently with their lives.

The introduction of Pat’s friends, the Philadelphia football games, Pat’s therapist, Cliff, the wonderful and wacky Tiffany, all add a different dimension to the way Pat sees life.

Although dark in place, funny in other and downright strange at times, this was an enjoyable read – 4 stars.