Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I am such a huge fan of this series. I feel in love in book 1 and my love just continued to grow. I was upset thinking that the series would end here, but when I got to the end and saw that there is another book, Family Justice, I was doing the happy dance.

This was Alex's book. From the time he opened the door to the fiery Irish Megan O'Brien, you knew he fell and fell fast.

When Meghan's fiancé was killed under Alex's command, he wrote letters to each family member expressing his sorrow. He has carried the guilt of what happened like a lead weight, thinking he would never find happiness under all the sadness.

In walks Meghan O'Brien. They seemed to have a whirlwind romance with lots of hot sex and Alex being the dominate. Meghan, we was usually bright and vivacious, became very submissive for Alex and fell quickly in love with him.

As in each of the three books, one of the Justice Men was going to royally mess it up. It was Alex's turn to make that mistake. He pushes Meghan away. Now he wants her back and will it be too late? Was he too brutal with his words? Will she take him back?

What I loved, in addition to the Justice Men, was the woman. Tori and Lacey are so much fun and the took Meghan in and made her feel like a part of the family. I'm so excited to catch up with all the Justice Family. Squee!!!!

5 stars