Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Since I feel in love with Raine Thomas's writing in For Everly, this book was a "must read" for me. It did not disappoint.

I love the baseball theme that has run through the two books, it is actually a very refreshing book to read. There is a fabulous story line, wonderful characters, romance, mystery, trust, cruelty and love.

Evan Dorsey has put up walls around himself. He has lost his mother and has major trust issues. He does not like to stay in one place for too long, nor does he do commitments.

While at his friend, Cole's wedding, a woman approaches him (Sierra) and knows that he is lost and sad. She has an uncanny knack for knowing what people want/need. He looks for Sierra, but does not come back into contact with her until he signs with an Atlanta baseball team (his mother's dream).

Sierra is determined to get closer to Evan and puts herself in his path. She has a few different jobs and each of them help to facilitate what happens between them. Evan ends up renting an apartment on the same floor as Sierra's and Sierra fills his fridge with food and beer, helps to take care of his two dogs and wiggles her way into Evan's heart.

There is a sinister dog walker involved and tons of doggie antics.

I really enjoyed this book and the author has such as fluid writing style that the book flowed so easily and was over before I realized it.

4.5 stars