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Today we have the release week blitz for ONE WISH by Kate Kisset. Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: One Wish

Author: Kate Kisset

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About One Wish:

Blend a former tight end with a bad reputation
and a gorgeous computer geek who doesn’t date.
Toss in two matchmaking grannies who have only One Wish this Christmas.


Lilly Martelli’s first vacation in over a year has her on a mission to support her two busybody relatives in St. Helena. Helping the grannies bake stinky fruitcakes for their Christmas bake sale is bad enough, but being forced to co-host the fund-raiser with Mr.-Fun-in-the-pants Brett Benning might be too hot to handle.

Brett had hoped retiring from football, becoming a firefighter, and moving back to Napa Valley would be enough to repair his reputation. But he’s sick to death of the tiny town gossip, and tired of dating in the shallow end of the pool. He’s looking to score The One.

What are the odds he’d find her while helping with the annual bake sale? His smart and sexy co-chair has him eating out of her hands and asking for seconds of her grandmother’s nasty fruitcake. For the first time in his life, Brett might be in over his head.

One Wish is a standalone, sexy romcom. Although you don’t have to read any of Kate’s other stories to enjoy this one, Love in the Vineyards fans will love seeing their favorite characters from other stories, as they get to know the Santino brother’s lovable grandmother, Mimi, their quirky great-aunt Cha-Cha, and all their gorgeous cousins.

If you enjoy small town romances, romantic comedies, and sexy love stories with a full cast of strong heroines, drool worthy alpha heroes, and grannies in orthopedics, you’ll love One Wish


(Self-professed computer geek, Lilly Martelli is co-chairing the annual Sweet Paws Charity Bake Sale with St. Helena firefighter, Brett Benning. Her attraction to the former football player is growing and she’s just agreed to dance with him for the first time.)

He wrapped his arm protectively around her shoulders, leading her to the dance floor. At five eight, in her highest heels—the four-inch black stilettos with the wide-angle strap—next to Brett’s towering physique, she felt petite. Which was an unusual sensation. Feeling small and dainty next to an extremely well-built man was a whole new world. Jeremy, her last boyfriend from three years ago, was only five ten.

Ignoring curious stares, he ushered her past the band. Under blue stage lights, the songstress gripped the microphone and poured her heart into “That’s What I Want for Christmas.” Brett guided Lilly to a dark corner, gently positioning her in front of him.

“I’ve been dying to feel you in my arms again.” Brett whispered, his soft breaths against her cheek.

Holding a wide grin, she couldn’t resist running her hands up his strong back, savoring his muscles, before resting her hand on his shoulder.
Clasping her hand, he slid the other over the flimsy fabric covering her waist, and she relaxed in his arms while their bodies moved in synch with the music.

When the singer came to the chorus, Lilly focused on the petite tree in the corner of the room, its red, green, and purple lights blending into a blur. Heat flushed her cheeks and she hugged Brett tighter. This is what I want for Christmas. Lilly nestled against Brett’s chest, basking in the warmth radiating from his body, closed her eyes and made a wish.

As if reading her mind, Brett leaned back and looked down with smile. Back and forth, they moved in time, sharing grins, gazing into each other’s eyes, and probably looking like fools on the dance floor. Lilly didn’t care about the couples gawking next to them, and Brett was almost chuckling when he pulled her close and buried his nose in her hair.

“I enjoy your company, Lilly,” he cooed softly, waking her up from a trance, and awakening her to every amazing possibility in the here and now. He brought her hand to his heart and held it there, resting his lips against her forehead, heating her flesh under his breath.

Not wanting to break the spell, Lilly didn’t make a move on her own, but simply let him guide her. “I enjoy your company too,” she murmured into his shirt, hoping he heard her over the music.

They rocked together for a few minutes without words. Her heart raced as Brett traced down her temple with his lips, still cradling her hand close to his chest. “I think we should spend more time together.” A ripple of bliss started from her spine and cascaded in a wave down to her toes.

She tilted her head up to catch him watching her with the gentlest expression. “We should, Brett.” Every plan, every word of warning about getting involved with him, flew out the window. “We definitely should.”


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About Kate Kisset:

Former San Francisco radio disc jockey Kate Kisset is the author of Love in The Vineyards, a series of small-town contemporary romance novels set in California wine country.


Readers call her novels, sexy, sweet and refreshing, with complex characters and plots that serve up humor without holding back on heart.


Kate divides her time between Northern and Southern California. Her stories feature strong heroes and heroines set in the small town, real-world vineyard settings found outside her front door.


When she's not writing, Kate's favorite job is being "The Mommy." She enjoys reading, binge watching Netflix and the Hallmark Channel, wine tastings, cooking, listening to music, and hiking with her loyal companion Luciana Parmigiana, her rescue-dog-editor.

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