Thursday, July 24, 2014


Thirty Five year old June Anderson, a banker that forecloses on small businesses is overworked and stressed. She learns that she is to inherit a small bookstore from her Aunt Ruby who has passed on. June goes in thinking she can take a few days off from work and clear up the store and sell it while resting.

Once June arrives, she finds a man who she befriends, letters from Ruby alluding to secrets and some family issues that must be dealth with. The secrets come in the form of letters between her Aunt Ruby and Margaret Wise Brown (the author of Goodnight Moon). There is pain, sorrow, suffering and joy told throughout this book. There are some painful moments with her sister and mother and some loving moments as well. Will June find love and friendship at the book store or will she go back to banking?

Jio is quickly becoming a must read author for me. Her stories are unique and this one read like a fairy tale and I loved the reference to all the children's books and the famous authors.

5 stars

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