Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We are once again back in The Hallows where retired from the police force, Jones Cooper is front and center in this mystery. It begins with Jones in therapy and we discover he now does little things for his neighbors to keep busy. He receives a visit from Eloise Montgomery with a vision she had and saying he would be in more demand and she saw him drowning.

Another aspect of the story involves Willow Graves who was moved to The Hollow by her mother after her divorce (an author) to get her out of the City and to bring her up and get away from bad influences and help her to no longer lie.

Michel Holt is another main character who has hired Eloise to try to find out what really happened to his mother all those years ago.

I found this story to be a bit distracting and confusing, but seeing that there are more books in the series and since I enjoyed the first book so much, I'm looking forward to see where the next books in the series go.

I went back and forth on who was the killer, but should have stuck to my first instinct on this one.

3.5 stars

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