Friday, January 17, 2014


A first in a new series by Patterson.

It's Hollywood Week on the Hudson and the movers and shakers of the film industry are in New York for it. They are dropping dead at an alarming rate.

NYPD Red, an elite group, is called in. The new cast of characters includes Zack Jordan. Zach's new partner just happens to turn out to be Detective Kylie MacDonald, an old flame who is now married to a producer.

Zack and Kylie work the murders by The Chameleon who likes to watch his "scenes" unroll.

Of course it is action packed and a thriller.

The one unique thing in this book was that although Zack and Kylie were once an item, Zack respects that she is married, yet when things are bad on the job, he is very protective of Kylie, while maintaining a wonderful friendship.

4 stars