Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I loved this book, with one exception.

The reason that Laine moved to Thunder Point was because of Devon and I found that storyline lacking a bit. She got together with Devon once or twice and I thought there should have been a bit more involvement.

Other than that I love the story of Laine and Eric. Eric has certainly turned himself around since his high school days. He is friendly with Gina, takes an interest in his daughter, even encouraging her to go to a State College and offering to pay for it, and now his love interest with Laine.

How fun was it that the tables were turned and Laine had to ask Eric out. I thought that was great. Their relationship is really starting to gel when a know on the door comes. Laine opens the door to find her father there, after not having been a supporter of her for almost all of her life. Now he wants to make amends.

I loved the way Justin and his family worked with the story and Al coming back to work was a bonus. Al's relationship with Rae Ann was wonderful and I'm looking forward to this developing relationship.

5 Stars