Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Since [author:Stephanie Evanovich|6547908] is the niece of [author:Janet Evanovich|2384] I was hesitant to read this book since I love the Stephanie Plum books.

I was pleasantly surprised at the book. I ended up enjoying the book.

This is the story of Holly, who is overweight and dreading sitting in a coach set in an airplane. To top that off, she is afraid of flying. She ends up sitting next to Logan Montgomery, who just happens to be a personal trainer to the rich and famous.

After speaking on the plan, Logan gives Holley his business card and offers to train Holly. Holly, being shy and reserved and ashamed of her size/weight, takes the card, figuring she will never call.

Holly does call and starts to train with Logan. The cast of characters is lovely. Amanda and Chase help to bring the story along and the story shows how to gain self-confidence and also how what you think you want all along is not always the case. You may need to readjust your thinking in order to find happiness.

Kudos on a good debut book.

4 stars