Friday, January 3, 2014


I loved the premise of the book and was very excited to read this book.

My problems began with the fact that there were a lot of typos and missing words. For me, this detracts from the actual story. I also felt like there were things that didn't work in a timeline for me. I do realize that indie authors do not have the big publishing houses to back them up, but maybe a good suggestion would be to get a "street team" to help out and have some of the typos, missing words or sentence structure a bit better before publishing the book. It wouldn't cost any money and would definitely make reading the book a bit easier.

That being said, this is the story of a housewife who takes control of her life, her marriage and her future. Sam was a "frumpy", as she called it, housewife, who begins to do things for herself once her daughter goes off to college. Some of the things she does were a definite surprise.

There is a motorcycle club and bikers involved. There is love, tenderness, drugs, deception and some hard knocks in this book.

All this being said, I liked where the book was going and plan to read the next book in the series.

3 stars

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