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Dedicated to negotiating a position for Earth within the Daguronian Coalition, Aine Callahan had trained for three years for her role as Earth Ambassador. Yet the very eve of her arrival at Astur, the capitol ruling planet of the Masian Sector, she finds herself claimed as destined mate to an oversized, mating maddened Vamp who swears he will never release her.

Lord Lance Asturan, ruling king of the Masian Sector, has waited over nine hundred years for his destined mate. As an Alpha Vamp, he is unable to relinquish Aine from the first sight of her, virtually holding her hostage until he can claim her. Yet Masians cannot survive without their mate’s love. How could he strip her of her citizenship, her ambassadorship and her freedom, and expect to win her heart?

As the Daguronian Coalition holds council, Aine and Lance’s union is challenged and conspiracies abound. Plotting factions kidnap Aine, mortally wounding the Masian King as he fights to protect her. Yet, Lance will stop at nothing, raining war across the galaxy to retrieve his beloved mate and win her heart.

With All That I AM
Daguronian Chronicles
Chaira O’Donnell

“I would do anything in my power for you, Aine.”
“Anything?” she asked, smiling.
“Anything but let you go,” he qualified, pulling her back into his arms.
“Lady, I fear I may not have the gentleness you deserve. My passions are still riding high from the territorial rage I suffered when that male dared touch you. Yet I cannot be parted from you – need to have you in my arms. Will you allow me to hold you while you sleep?”
Aine looked up into his arresting face. After silently regarding him, she slowly nodded.
He unwrapped her like the most precious of gifts – unfastening the back of her gown while he delved the depths of her sweet mouth in a devastating kiss. Leaning back, he slid it off of her creamy shoulders.
“Ah, lady, your beauty steals my breath.” Taking her small hand, he placed it over his heart. “Every beat of my heart is one of love for you.” Then he placed it on his raging erection, over his uniform pants. “I ache for you – always ready for you and you alone.”
Her hand reflexively gripped his hardness. He groaned, throwing his head back in rapture. Gently removing her hand, he returned it to his chest where he held it once again over his heart. She could feel his big hand warming the bracelet he had given her. On his thick wrist, his matching bracelet glistened in the softly lit room.
“You have no idea what seeing my crest on your wrist does to me.”
“What does it do?” she had to know.
“It makes me want to lose myself in your body. To claim you again and again until neither of us knows where we begin and end. To drink of your blood and give you mine until it is one and the same. To inject you with my venom and watch you become wild for me. To fill you to overflowing with my seed. I want to own you, lady, as you own me.”

Cahira O’Donnell Bio:
Cahira O’Donnell was brought up overseas living with local families in many cultures and was exposed to the military from early childhood. An avid reader herself she is a lover of romance, science fiction, action and the paranormal. Cahira combines her rich experiences and varied literary tastes in her storytelling.
Armed with her history, a degree in Psychology and a deep understanding of human nature, Cahira creates multifaceted characters and stories that are engaging, dynamic, realistic and boldly erotic.
Cahira now lives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado where she enjoys kayaking, back packing with her adult children, a quiet home, beautiful scenery and immersing herself in the art of storytelling.

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