Monday, August 17, 2015


The echoes of helicopter blades chopping into the wind came closer with each passing breath. Brynn Brentwood fisted her hands at her sides, knowing there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
They’d come for her family, her Pack. They’d come for her.
They’d come for answers no one truly wanted to hear, and yet, Brynn knew she’d fight to keep the truth at bay and keep what it revealed safe.
That was her job, her passion, her life.
The humans were coming for them, and the wolves at her back and at her side were as ready as they’d ever be. The reveal they’d always prepared for—and yet had prayed would never happen—was here.
The world would soon know that shifters were real…and close.
Brynn let out another breath, her eyes on the clearing around the wards of the den. When Leo, her now dead uncle, had shifted in front of a live-feed, he’d told the world—or whoever had been watching—that the things that went bump in the night were indeed real. Though her brother Gideon, the Alpha of the Talon Pack, had killed Leo, the ramifications were far from over.
In fact, they were just beginning.
“Brynn, you hear that? They’re coming.”
Brynn looked over at her brother, Ryder, the Heir of the Pack and second eldest of them all. He’d fought by her side to defeat Uncle Leo, the elder named Shannon, the elder, and the handful of others who had tried to take over the Pack. He looked a little worse for wear with blood trickling down his side and dirt on his hands, but they all looked similar. They hadn’t been able to shift and use their full strength to defeat the others. She and her family had been so afraid of showing what they truly were to outsiders, that they’d won the battle without shifting. As it turned out, all that work was for naught, though.
The humans—most likely soldiers—were coming. Were here. She could scent them on the wind, hear their feet pad along the forest floor. Oh, they might think they were being stealthy, but her wolf hearing could sense them.
Another thing the humans would fear about them.