Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I was so excited to win All Lined Up. I have been meaning to read on of Cora Carmack's books ever since I went to BEA last year and saw her signing books.

This book was so not a disappointment. I was a huge fan of Friday Night Lights and was disappointed when it went off the air, so I knew I would just love this book.

All Lined Up is the first book in a new series centered around Rusk University and Football.

Dallas Cole is the daughter of a football coach and her mother has left the picture when she was very young. She grew up around football. She gets her heart broken and has broken promises. She tries to hold on to the boy she thinks she loves, only to lose him. She develops trust issues and that is the basis of the story. Can Dallas learn to trust again with her whole heart?

Carson is a walk-on trying to make the football team at Rusk University and he has a plan and that plan includes working hard at football, studying and no distractions of the female kind. That is until Dallas literally falls into his lap.

The rest of the characters are wonderful and well rounded and I'm looking forward to getting more into their respective story as the series continues. Stella is a favorite of mine, but there is also Silas, Ryan and many more I am looking forward to delving more into what they are about.

Will Dallas and Carson have a HEA? Will Dallas' father get in the way of her happiness? Can she learn to trust and give her heart away?

I absolutely loved this book and plan to read the rest of her books ASAP


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