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Today we have the blog tour for Piper Stone’s Burn! Check it out and grab your copy today.
About Burn:

9/11. Too many memories. A burning pain. Scarred body and soul. Damaged beyond comprehension.

Fighting fires to save lives, unable to combat the devil inside, but I need more.

More… I need her. She’s my salvation and I will have her. No compromises.

Danger. Domination. Destruction.

The Jackals

An elite core of smokejumpers nestled in the heart of Missoula, Montana.

By day they indulge in their penchant for danger.

By night they exude passion.

Are you ready for their brand of domination?

Prevent. Protect. Preserve. This is their motto.

Publisher’s Note: This adult, action adventure romance offers suspense, danger, mystery, explicit scenes and power exchange elements. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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About Piper Stone:
Best Selling author, Piper Stone writes in several genres including romantic suspense, thrillers, erotic romance, dark erotic, Domestic Discipline, spanking, Domination and submission and traditional romance. She has a love of the non-traditional, preferring to create worlds that defy the imagination. Wine and sous vide cooking are only second to her love of golden retrievers and you might find all three nestled in the pages of a book or two.
She has several releases from Blushing Books including Truth or Dare, His Demands – Dirty Little Secrets, Submissive For Hire, His Hidden Girl – Dirty Little Secrets, Becoming – Power Exchange and the Rescue Me Series, Maverick and Shadow. Her upcoming release, Three Rivers Run Deep, is book one in the Fire Devil Series.
She will also have several releases with Bethany’s Woodshed in the upcoming months.


New York City

Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes the pipes are calling…

Never forget…

The words and the song echoed in the back of Landen Weaver’s mind. He stood on the street corner, studying the comings and goings of tourists and locals. His heart remained heavy, yet he knew he was doing the right thing. Leaving his hometown and everyone who’d been a part of his life was perhaps the most difficult decision he’d ever made, but his soul was ready for a final release. Missoula, Montana was certainly a far cry from New York City. A slight chuckle pushing past his lips, he shoved his hands into his pockets, feeling the last remaining set of keys to the bar. The new owner would change the locks, but handing them over was ceremonial as well as needed. At least in his mind.

He stood quietly, drinking in the beeps coming from horns, the sounds of happy laughter and squeals erupting from children as they walked hand in hand with their parents. In his mind, joyful noise, comforting. His nerves were steady, and he was surprised, shocked even, given he’d either tossed or sold ninety percent of everything he owned. A fresh start. This was exactly what the doctor had ordered—sixteen years before. Grinning, he shook off the ugly memory and held his head high as he walked toward the entrance of O’ Grady’s Bar and Grill. Tomorrow morning, he’d bid a quiet farewell to his old life. At least he was leaving town without any fanfare.

The moment he walked inside, he was taken aback, a rush of images flooding his mind, events held at the bar he’d purchased two years after the 9/11 attacks. He’d been a part of the community in an entirely different fashion than being a firefighter, yet it’s time he would always cherish. He walked forward into the lively crowd of people, searching for the new owner. The outspoken retired Judge would fit right in.

From where he stood, he could just make out the wall of photographs, a collage of moments shared with colleagues and friends. Then his eyes settled on the picture of the twin towers. A ragged shiver slithered down the back of both legs, the same one that had almost incapacitated him years before.

Boom! Crack! Whoosh!

“Fire! Get out.”

“Help me! Please help me!”


Landen’s hand trembled as he covered his mouth to keep the moan silent. The agony and sadness would never go away. He’d been just a rookie when 9/11 hit, unsure of his qualifications and unprepared to deal with the horrors. After only two years he quit, his mind no longer able to cope. Purchasing the bar had been his respite, his salvation. Still, he’d fallen into a bottle for comfort. He shook his head as he thought about the fire in his apartment, a careless event after a night of heavy drinking and endless cigarettes.

From that moment, he’d given up hard liquor as well as the cancer sticks. The work out regime had filtered in soon after, followed by a fresh desire to rejoin the fire department he considered family. The new training had been the spur for additional education. Now? His sights were set on smokejumping.

Pushing through, he kept his head low, preferring to just get this over with. Maybe he was a glutton for punishment, but he needed to see the place he’d called home one last time. When he managed to get to within two feet of the bar, he grimaced as the crowd took several steps away.

“A-tten-tion!” the baritone voice boomed over the customers and six men sitting at the bar snapped to their feet at full attention.
Landen held his breath as each man turned around one by one. Seeing the faces of the men he’d served bravely with both during his rookie phase in 2001 and during the last several years gave him a series of shakes. He eyed his buddy, Michael O’ Brien, now Captain O’ Brien of Engine Company 15, and clenched his fists. Emotions he couldn’t handle at this point.
“Did you honestly think we’d allow you to get away that easily, Lieutenant Weaver?” Michael asked as he saluted, then walked toward Landen, his eyes twinkling.

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