Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Kohl Meir (Golda Meir's grandson) is abducted on American soil tortured and put in front of a firing squid. Iran has nuclear capabilities and they are targeting Tel Aviv.  Ex Delta force Dewey Andreas is back.  All of the characters that I have come to love in the series are back.

After President Allaire has a stroke, there is an adjustment period for the White House.  Jessica is kept in the dark for the most part while Calibrisi orchestrates Dewey's exploits to rescue Meir  since he previously saved Dewey's life.  All of this is done with the consent of the President of the United States.

This action packed political thriller hit the mark for me.  I really enjoyed the book and anticipate the next book that Coes writes.  There is enough action and the characters are easily identifiable.  I loved the addition of Tacoma and Foxx and hope they are part of future books.

5 stars