Tuesday, April 16, 2013


In the small town of Ash, a phone call sets off a series of events. 

The cast of characters in this book are so likeable.  The author did a fabulous job of making us love the characters we should and hate the characters that are evil.

Ezra King meets Lena and they hit it off, but Ezra backs off until he sees Lena at the police station.
Law is a character in and of himself.  I am so surprised that the small town has not figured out what he does and things he is an odd duck.

The introduction of Hope to the small town has brought out a more likeable Law.

Remy makes me uncertain as he seems a little wishy washy with his feelings.

The police in the town don't seem like they could solve a problem if it bit them in the face.  The people in the town need a reality check and should not accuse people before they are given the facts and there is evidence.

The book ended and I was like..........what..........I had to keep paging to see if I missed something.  Nothing was resolved and we still don't know who the bad guy is, so I need to read the next book to see where it is going.

4 stars