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About MOTIVE (Office Roulette #2)

The Office Roulette trilogy continues with an epic battle between blame and forgiveness…

Rye Marshall had it all—wealth, prominence, and the love of his life. But nothing lasts forever, and his perfect world came crashing down around him. When the dust settled, he found himself alone and starting from a clean slate.

Grace Dorrance had made many mistakes in her life, but one stood out above the rest—an epic ending to a complex and passionate relationship. She left her former lover’s life in complete ruins and tried her best never to look back at the wreckage.

Seconds chances are hard to come by, but even more difficult when Grace is arrested for a murder she didn’t commit. This gives Rye the perfect motive to forgive and forget, allowing for new beginnings. Unfortunately, someone’s playing a game of office roulette with everyone’s lives.


Rye actually debated on closing the distance between them, picking her up so that her legs wrapped around his waist, and carrying her back into her bedroom to love her the way she deserved until she collapsed into a deep sleep. But delaying the inevitable wouldn’t be good for either of them.

That wasn’t to say it wouldn’t have been a nice distraction. The sexual tension between them hadn’t been alleviated in the least during the past few months that they had begun seeing each other regularly. Hell, half the time they barely got in the door before their combined tangle of clothing was hitting the floor.

Rye would have given anything for tonight to have been in the same realm as their usual trysts. Unfortunately— and he hated to admit this— there were some things that were completely out of his control.

“Grace, I’m having Justin meet us at the police station tomorrow morning at eight o’clock.” Rye automatically stood when he saw the immediate tension settle in her shoulders. He should have chosen option A. To prevent himself from closing the distance between them, he crossed his arms and remained where he was to avoid the upcoming backlash. She would no doubt fight him on this decision, but he refused to have her become a target for Brad Manon’s killer. “We’re going to clarify our alibis with the police and amend our statements. Our lies—”

“You mean my lie, don’t you?” Grace unfolded her arms and took a step forward, her soft baby blues darkening as she harnessed the anger at his good intentions. “All you did was cover for me after you learned the truth. We should leave well enough alone. After all, I’ve been cleared. There’s no need to rock the boat needlessly.”

Rye grit his teeth at her stubbornness. Why was she always making things difficult between them? It hadn’t always been this way.

“You call being targeted by a killer being in the clear? Someone obviously knows that we gave false statements to the police.”

“And that someone’s plan backfired, so he or she is back to square one.”

“No, square one would have been you telling Detective Nielsen the truth that night.” Rye ran a hand through his hair in frustration before venturing into territory that was bound to be even more explosive than coming clean with the police, but he needed an answer to something. And he needed it now. “I’ve had enough of this cat and mouse game, Grace. Tell me the truth. Why are you so hell bent on protecting me when I don’t need it?”

“Because I didn’t protect you when you needed it the most.”

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About MEANS (Office Roulette #1)

From USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne comes a sexy trilogy that involves greed, power, and the desire to do it all over again…

Smith Gallo has everything a man could ever want at the tip of his fingertips, except of course the woman he loves. To what lengths will he be willing to go to make his ambitions come true?

Laurel Calanthe is one successful stock pick away from making partner when she finds herself in desperate need of an alibi. There’s only one problem. The man who can save her from being arrested is her only competitor and the one who now holds her fate in his hands.

Greed is a powerful motivator in the game of making money, but desire can overcome even the strongest motive.

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About Kennedy Layne

Kennedy Layne is a USA Today bestselling author. She draws inspiration for her military romantic suspense novels in part from her not-so-secret second life as a wife of a retired Marine Master Sergeant. He doubles as her critique partner, beta reader, and military consultant. They live in the Midwest with their teenage son and menagerie of pets. The loyal dogs and mischievous cats appreciate her writing days as much as she does, usually curled up in front of the fireplace. She loves hearing from readers--find out how to connect with her at

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