Thursday, July 9, 2015


Switching jobs and moving from Boston to Bearkill, Maine, we are introduced to Lizzie Snow.

Lizzie is in search of her niece who she believe is still alive. When she gets to Bearkill, she runs into an old flame and they dance around their prior relationship. Lizzie easily ends up fitting into the town and she is good at her job and working in conjunction with the town and police.

Working with Cody Chervier to solve a rash of crimes and murders of former cops. Who is the crazy killer and why has it taken so long to string it all together.

Lizzie, working hard to solve the crimes and to see if the lead she got will help her find her long missing niece, she puts it all on the line.

So a great debut by this author. I felt drawn into this story and it reminded me of the writing of Linda Castillo. When I went back to look at the summary of the book, that was mentioned. An action packed thriller, rapt with tension, excitement and just great writing.

5 stars

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