Sunday, July 12, 2015


On a routine grocery shopping trip, Cheyenne accidentally stumbles into a robbery in progress. She is a 911 operator and is used as a hostage by the gunmen. They strap a bomb to her and push her out of the store in front of them. The 5 gunmen are taken down by snipers and Cheyenne meets Dude for the first time. He is tasked with extricating the bomb from her person.

we get to see the relationship between the two of them develop and it is explosive. When Cheyenne and 2 friends are kidnapped, Dude's protectiveness goes into overdrive and he will stop at nothing to find Cheyenne, only he never expects a repeat of their first meeting.

I absolutely adore Susan Stoker and will read anything she writes. She tells a story that draws you in and there is nothing better than a story of HOT military men.

5 stars

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