Saturday, June 13, 2015


This is a wonderful story of a girl who sees dead people and the courage it takes to act on it in the face of what others think...that she is crazy. Her own parents have sent her to doctor after doctor, she has been medicated and giveN money to leave home.

Charlotte (Char) has once again come across a soul that cannot cross over and she helps to find the body and sends an anonymous letter. She despairs that she has no money left and no life with no one that cares. She runs out of gas and wanders up on a bridge about to take her own life when Ice McDermott calls to her. He is shocked he can see her. They form a friendship and for the first time a soul wants to help her in exchange for her help in assisting him in getting his brother back on the right track. Ike aids Char in getting a place to stay and work. After that it is up to Char to work on getting George to a place where Ike is comfortable crossing over.

Will Char be able to save George from himself. Will she lose herself in the process or gain some wonderful friends.

During her journey, she falls in love with Ike and by helping George, she is going to lose a part of her heart she just found, but she loves George as well, but can he see through his pain to what Char really feels for him as well.

Wonderfully written, entertaining and enjoyable.

5 stars