Monday, August 19, 2013


 I enjoyed this book with the exception of the slow start to it.

I love the journey that Camyrn and Andrew took.  I like that trust was gained little by little and that during the coure of their seperate journeys, they learned more and more about one another.

It is always amazing how and author can make a book come together and as I read this book I was wondering how a trip on a greyhound bus would even be of interest.

Camryn has had a rough time of it lately, her boyfriend passes away, her brother is in jail.  She loses her best friend because of an unfortunate incident at a club.  Off she goes to try to do something out of the ordinary and boards a bus for Boise, Idaho because she saw a potato at the bus station and had no pre-set destination in mind.

On the bus she meets Andrew Parrish who is headed to Texas.  Andrew is annoying Camryn, but can he turn her head around with his ways?  Does he have what it takes to get Camryn to just step outside of what she know.

The adventurs is definitley worth the ride on this greyhound bus, but will Andrew's secret be their destruction?
4.5 stars