Monday, August 19, 2013

11TH HOUR ~ James Patterson

I am definitely a James Patterson fan, but for some reason this book felt a little disjointed for me and part of the book felt too rushed with not enough information.

The book was almost solely about Lindsay and not much on Yuki, Cindy or Claire. I believe that when the four of them get together, the are unstoppable and who doesn't love powerful women fighting for what they believe in.

With two high profile cases on the burner and Lindsay being pregnant, this book heats up fast. There is someone out there taking out high level drug dealers who is dubbed "Revenge", beginning with one at a school during a recital. While that is going on skulls are found on the lawn of a prominent family.

Lindsay and her partner, Conklin jump right in to both cases trying to solve the reason for the murders and who is behind them.

Danger follows Lindsay, but she holds her own. At one point, fueled by hormones, Lindsay kicks Joe out. In my opinion, she let him of the hook very easily.

I just need to know what Cindy was thinking. I won't give it away, but "has she lost her mind?"

I'm anxious to see what will happen in the next book with Lindsay and what she will decide to do once the child is born and how will this impact her life with Joe.

Enjoyed this book but overall I think it is somewhere between 3.5-4 stars.

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