Monday, December 19, 2011

December Reads

12/27/11 - Lyrics of the Heart by Alexandra Lanc.

I was given the opportunity by the author to read this novella. I must say that I feel like everyone should read it. Here is my summary:


What a powerfully emotional read. It grabbed me from the first sentence and never let go till the end. The story of Kristi and how she dealt with her fathers tragic accident through the poems (lyrics) she wrote versus talking about it. I loved her meetings with Mark and how they never said anything but he was always reading her poems when she came in. There was a magical connection between the two of them. Mark ultimately gave her the strenght and empowered her to move on no matter what the circumstances were and to live her life as he intended to live his and make it a better life than before his tragedy.

This was an emotional roller coaster for me, but it was also spiritually uplifting.

Bravo Alexandra, for another wonderful book.

I especially enjoyed reading the end where you discuss how this book came about and your personal experiences. It was wonderful.


12/19/11 - The House On Olive Street by Robyn Carr:

What a departure from Carr's Virgin River series.  In this book, the theme of coming together in a crisis as in the VR books prevails.  This is the story of four women who come together after the tragic death of their friend.  All of the women are writers and/or educators and they have formed a club and all meet at Gabby's house.

There is Elly, who is the matriarch.  She is a spinster who has made a life for herself within the walls
of her own little home.  She is a recovering alcoholic.

Sable, who is a best-selling novelist and who has had to dig deep to find herself after going from foster home to foster home and dealing with a mother that was not there for her.

Barbara Ann is a mother of 4 boys and a loving husband, who suddenly feels very underappreciated and sees her career spiraling out of control.

Beth, a mystery writer has an abusive husband and is very shy.

All of these woman come to live together at The House On Olive Street after the death of Gabby, who was their anchor, and they work together on a collaboration of one of Gabby's novels, an almost biography of Gabby's life she has written over the year, but with false name.  In doing so, all the secrets that these women have kept hidden in their past and present come out of the closet, so to speak and the four of them, together with Gabby's mother, find a way to make a summer into a lifetime friendship and show their strength and conviction for one another.

A great read by one of my favorite authors.
4.5/5 stars

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