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DD Lorenzo

Author Biography

DD Lorenzo challenges her readers through her “Depth of Emotions” series. Her novels reach deep into the heart of readers and challenges them through the emotions of her characters.

DD currently resides in Maryland, “The Land of Pleasant Living”. She met “MM”, the love of her life, in high school. Together, they have an eclectic, crazy and amazing family. When she isn't writing, she is rooting for the Baltimore Ravens or the Baltimore Orioles. Her favorite pastimes include long lunches with good friends, and spending time with the people in her life. Riding in her husband's classic Mustang to the Eastern Shore is a particular favorite!

"Positive/Negativity" lays the groundwork for the series, and is the first in the "Depth of Emotion" books. It is the only one with a cliffhanger (she promises!) and concludes with Book two, “Selective/Memory”. She has planned five books for the series. Books three, four and five are individual stories of characters introduced in Book one.

DD is currently writing "Here/Now", Carter's story, which is Book 3 in the series, planned for
release 2014. The remaining two books, “Same/Difference” and “Beauty is a Bitch” are
planned for 2015.

D D Lorenzo’s contact information.

Twitter: @d_d_lorenzo
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Melanie Winters and Daniel Montgomery shared a love most only
dream of, a love they believed bonded them together for life. 

When their world is shattered by the tragic loss of their daughter, overwhelming
grief and misguided guilt distorts the truth, and their relationship ends in
uncertainty and unanswered questions. 

For nine years, they drift through life, each unable to forget the one who holds the strings to their heart. In an attempt to escape the pain of her past,
Melanie finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage, while Daniel loses himself in a career that means nothing without Melanie by his side. 

Now,when their lives again intersect, neither can deny the connection they felt so long ago. But will the power that drew them together be enough to heal the wounds from their past, and will they have the courage to overcome the insecurities and fears that threaten to keep them apart? 

is a story of attraction and separation, of destiny and duty, of a love so
strong it refuses to give up even when all others have. 

this one did it for me in a big way. I'm an angst-lover. And by that I mean,
I'm a Thoughtless, Beautiful Disaster, Love Unscripted, Slammed, Fifty Shades
of Everything, kind of reader. But there's gotta be an HEA. And not a half-done
HEA but a real yeah-this-story-has-been-agonizing-but-look-it-was-all-worth-it
HEA. So, that said, I earnestly recommend this book. If you're like me, you'll
like this. Enjoy!" LitJunkie


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A.L. Jackson is the New York Times bestselling author of Take This Regret and Lost to You, as well as other contemporary romance titles, including If Forever Comes, Pulled and When We Collide, as well as the New Adult Romance Come To Me Quietly due out April 7, 2015. 

She first found a love for writing during her days as a young mother and college student. She filled the journals she carried with short stories and poems used as an emotional outlet for the difficulties and joys she found in day-to-day life.

Years later, she shared a short story she’d been working on with her two closest friends and,with their encouragement, this story became her first full length novel. A.L. now spends her days writing in Southern Arizona where she lives with her husband and three children. Her favorite pastime is spending time with the ones she loves. 

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He was my best friend. 
Until he became my enemy. 

All within the span of one night. 

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. 

The rapid fire of gunshots became the soundtrack
to my life. 

This is the Mafia. Lines are blurred. Choices
are never black and white. And the life you thought you knew is... one giant

He was dead. 

And I didn't want his life to be in vain, so I
tried to make something of myself. I tried and failed. 

Now he's back. Alive. And he wants something... 


Nobody ever said the mafia played fair. 

Welcome to The Family. 



I wanted his lips
more than I wanted my next breath, but how long before those lips were taken
away? How long before my heart would get ripped from my chest a second time? I
almost didn’t survive the first — I knew I wouldn’t live through the second.
With a jerk I
pulled back and slapped him across the face. “How dare you!”
Ax swore and hit
the steering wheel. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have assumed—”
“Assumed, what?” I
yelled. “That I wouldn’t be completely pissed off? That I wouldn’t be
shattered!” My voice wavered. “Totally wrecked forever because I’ve been
mourning the loss of my best friend for five damn years only to find out he’s
very much alive and suddenly wanting to play the white knight?” My body started
to shake. “I died that day!”
Ax’s face twisted
with pain. “Amy, I had to protect you… at all costs I had to protect you.”
“Your protection
broke my heart,” I whispered.
He sighed, running
his hands through his hair before answering. “Ames, sometimes what’s the best
for us — is exactly what hurts the most.”
I refused to look
at him. Instead I looked down, down at my bare legs, at the outfit I’d almost
paraded about in before a crowd of horrible drunk men in order to make money. I
wasn’t the same girl he’d left. I was damaged in the worst way. Because by
saving me, Ax had taken away all purpose from my life. When I thought he’d
died, my only goal was to live because he hadn’t.
And now? Now the
shame of my situation was crippling.
Foster care kid.
And completely and
utterly alone. Abandoned, even by my best friend.
“Five years, Ax.
And now you come for me…” I licked my lips. “I’m not vain enough to think it’s
because you can’t find anyone to warm your bed at night, and I’m not confident
enough to think it’s because you missed me so much you just couldn’t stay away.
What do you want?”
“Try again.”
He swore and looked
away. “It doesn’t have to be like this. Had I known you were in this position—”
“What?” I snorted
then bit down on my lip to keep from crying. “You would have driven here
faster? You would have rescued me sooner? Pitied me more? Take your pick, Ax.
Now tell me the truth. Don’t start off this new-found relationship with a lie.”
He was silent for a
while then whispered, “You have something I need.”
“A brain?”
Ax’s smile nearly
took my breath away “Besides that.”
I pressed my lips
together and looked out the window at my dark and cramped apartment. “I have
exactly one stuffed animal from my old life, the one you gave me when I was
six. I have a Polaroid picture, a toothbrush, enough clothes to get me through
a week and a half of living, a hairbrush, two elastic hair bands — Do you see
where I’m going with this?” I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. “I have
nothing you need, let alone want. Believe me.“
Ax studied my face,
his expression softened as he said, barely above a whisper, “Let me be the one
who decides that.”
I looked away.
“Don’t do that,
Ames,” he murmured. “Don’t shut me out.”
“Five years, Ax.” I
looked straight ahead. “Five years where my tears were the only thing keeping
me company at night. I think you lost the right to tell me what to do.”
He swore. The car
door opened. I gasped as humid air filtered in. “What are you doing?”
“Getting out of the
car.” He shrugged and gestured at the building. “Going into your apartment and
packing you up. We’ll stay at a hotel tonight.”
I snorted. “My
apartment not good enough for you?”
“No.” He pulled a
gun from his jeans, thumbed off the safety, and held it out in front of him. “I
just hate getting woken up in the middle of the night with gunshots ringing
out, don’t you?”
“Yeah.” I gulped,
my eyes still trained on the gun.
“Guns don’t hurt
people… people do,” Ax said softly. “Remember that.”
“I do.” I met his
gaze. “Because in the end, it wasn’t the gun that broke my heart — it was you.”

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street
Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances.
When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and
plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir
Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing
journey at


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Peyton is a graduate of a culinary school. She is offered a job at a magazine. The job is not what it was supposed to be and the boss is a sexual predator. Peyton quits and is now unemployed.

While she is attending a wedding she sees a childhood friend, Finn MacBain. Peyton is filling in for a week at a temporary job and quickly needs to flee. Peyton was saved from drowning by Finn when she was a little girl and he's always been her "hotshot".

Bullets fly, there are car chases and Peyton is in the middle of it. She plans to sue her ex-boss for harassment, but has to figure out how to do it. Finn gets the story out of Peyton and becomes her protector. Finn is a previous Olympic swimmer and is currently working for the FBI.

Peyton's Uncle Len offers Peyton and her sisters a job. He has a property called Bishop's Cove and offers for them to run it for a year and if they show a 20% profit, the property is theirs. Or they can take cash. The sisters agree to run the property.

Finn has been running an investigation into Peyton and the fact that there are bullet holes in her car.

Peyton's cousin, Debbie, was given a similar offer to run a property, but opted for the cash. Now that she's gone through the money and is getting divorced, she wants in on Bishop's Cove and after cajoling her father and whining, Uncle Len gives in.

Things are moving along at a snail's pace while the resort is being renovated and there is someone that is intentionally sabotaging all the efforts. Is it Cassidy, the greedy land developer, or is it an insider?

During all of the craziness, Peyton and Finn have formed a wonderful romantic relationship, but Finn does not want to get married or have children. Can Peyton change his mind or will he walk away.

5 stars


Leo and Evie connect with one another in a foster home. Leo is adopted as a 15 year old boy. He promises Evie he will write, keep in touch and will be back for her when she is 18.

Of course this does not happen, but instead, Evie doesn't find true love, until Jake appears in her life. He sweeps her off her feet.

Can Evie get past all that she is unsure of and let her heart leaf her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

4.5 stars

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Back from their time walking travels, Diana and Matthew are now going to settle down to a family life. Diana is pregnant and they are still looking for The Book of Life. The characters from A Discovery of Witches are back and it is a culmination of everyone working together towards a common goal.

Who is helpful and who is hurtful is what makes up the characters in this last book of the trilogy.

Matthew is seeking safety for his family and puts himself in the direct line of fire.

I absolutely adored all the ways the book was interwoven with the first book and having the cast of characters back and seeing where everyone was in life was a thrill.

I found myself routing for Diana and Matthew to make it through to the end and for their HEA.

5 Stars


All I have to say after reading just the first few pages of this book is............ROTFLMAO!!!

Okay, now on to the review.

I have to say that I did not enjoy this book as much as some of the others in the series, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy it. I found a ton of humorous antics in this book.

Heller and Tilly are at it again. They spend every night together and of course that involves lots of sex. Heller is definitely a piece of work.

Tilly is working for Trent and of course she is always in trouble and things never go right for her. You would think at some point she would wise up, but she still makes poor choices.

Heller is finally starting to become a one woman man, but.........not sure that was going to last, I wanted to smack Heller. Now he is doing some training for the government, this doesn't bode well and I hope things go well for him.

This book had a monkey, Sextravaganza, kidnappings and some sad things. There was a little bit of this book that was unresolved for me, but I still want to continue on with the series. It reminds me a lot of the Stephanie Plum books, only no cars being blown up but the slapstick humor is still there.

Heller does make a decision and I was very pleased with it.

4 stars