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Peyton is a graduate of a culinary school. She is offered a job at a magazine. The job is not what it was supposed to be and the boss is a sexual predator. Peyton quits and is now unemployed.

While she is attending a wedding she sees a childhood friend, Finn MacBain. Peyton is filling in for a week at a temporary job and quickly needs to flee. Peyton was saved from drowning by Finn when she was a little girl and he's always been her "hotshot".

Bullets fly, there are car chases and Peyton is in the middle of it. She plans to sue her ex-boss for harassment, but has to figure out how to do it. Finn gets the story out of Peyton and becomes her protector. Finn is a previous Olympic swimmer and is currently working for the FBI.

Peyton's Uncle Len offers Peyton and her sisters a job. He has a property called Bishop's Cove and offers for them to run it for a year and if they show a 20% profit, the property is theirs. Or they can take cash. The sisters agree to run the property.

Finn has been running an investigation into Peyton and the fact that there are bullet holes in her car.

Peyton's cousin, Debbie, was given a similar offer to run a property, but opted for the cash. Now that she's gone through the money and is getting divorced, she wants in on Bishop's Cove and after cajoling her father and whining, Uncle Len gives in.

Things are moving along at a snail's pace while the resort is being renovated and there is someone that is intentionally sabotaging all the efforts. Is it Cassidy, the greedy land developer, or is it an insider?

During all of the craziness, Peyton and Finn have formed a wonderful romantic relationship, but Finn does not want to get married or have children. Can Peyton change his mind or will he walk away.

5 stars


Leo and Evie connect with one another in a foster home. Leo is adopted as a 15 year old boy. He promises Evie he will write, keep in touch and will be back for her when she is 18.

Of course this does not happen, but instead, Evie doesn't find true love, until Jake appears in her life. He sweeps her off her feet.

Can Evie get past all that she is unsure of and let her heart leaf her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

4.5 stars

Friday, August 29, 2014


Back from their time walking travels, Diana and Matthew are now going to settle down to a family life. Diana is pregnant and they are still looking for The Book of Life. The characters from A Discovery of Witches are back and it is a culmination of everyone working together towards a common goal.

Who is helpful and who is hurtful is what makes up the characters in this last book of the trilogy.

Matthew is seeking safety for his family and puts himself in the direct line of fire.

I absolutely adored all the ways the book was interwoven with the first book and having the cast of characters back and seeing where everyone was in life was a thrill.

I found myself routing for Diana and Matthew to make it through to the end and for their HEA.

5 Stars


All I have to say after reading just the first few pages of this book is............ROTFLMAO!!!

Okay, now on to the review.

I have to say that I did not enjoy this book as much as some of the others in the series, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy it. I found a ton of humorous antics in this book.

Heller and Tilly are at it again. They spend every night together and of course that involves lots of sex. Heller is definitely a piece of work.

Tilly is working for Trent and of course she is always in trouble and things never go right for her. You would think at some point she would wise up, but she still makes poor choices.

Heller is finally starting to become a one woman man, but.........not sure that was going to last, I wanted to smack Heller. Now he is doing some training for the government, this doesn't bode well and I hope things go well for him.

This book had a monkey, Sextravaganza, kidnappings and some sad things. There was a little bit of this book that was unresolved for me, but I still want to continue on with the series. It reminds me a lot of the Stephanie Plum books, only no cars being blown up but the slapstick humor is still there.

Heller does make a decision and I was very pleased with it.

4 stars

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Everything done in darkness, will eventually be brought into the light.

I ran, but all it did was keep me one step ahead of my past. I tried to start over; new name, new identity. But you can't change your soul.

A fresh start at college was just what I needed. For a while, it worked. I was the party girl, the one that seemed confident, but it was a lie.

When guys kissed me--I felt only pain. 

When they touched me--Nothing but fear.

Deep inside, every girl wants to be the beauty in the story, to find someone that will see you as their world. 

But the truth? I was the beast. And as much as I wanted redemption, I wasn't fool enough to think I'd ever get it. 

Until he walked into my life.

I wasn't prepared to fall for someone. My scars were too deep, the wounds too raw. But he offered me peace, he offered me security. I should have known it was just another lie--I should have known that falling in love with my professor was a bad idea.

But I was powerless to stop myself from falling. 

And he was powerless to catch me.

Because the darkness finally caught up to me, and as fate would have it, a cruel twist almost bled me dry. But I'm stronger than I knew. I'm stronger than you think.

You think you know my story, but you don't....after all everyone has Shame in their lives-- and I'm no longer afraid to show you mine.




“Just hold still!”
I yelled, holding up my phone while Gabe gave me the finger. I grimaced and
dropped the camera away from my face. “Nice, thanks for that.”
“I’m a giver.” He
Saylor, his wife,
smacked him on the arm and rolled her eyes.
I scrunched up my
face when he leaned in and took Saylor’s mouth with his, kissing her senseless
in the local Starbucks like they were doing a romance scene in a movie. I
They didn’t pull
So I took a
I earned another
finger, but Gabe still didn’t dislodge from his wife.
“Whoa!” Wes’s voice
sounded from behind me. “They been at it long?”
“Are all newlyweds
disgusting?” I voiced aloud.
Wes moved around
the table with his wife, Kiersten, and gave me a goofy shrug. I wanted to roll
my eyes, but Wes was too nice and hot. Let’s not forget the hot part. Both he
and Gabe were like walking poster boys for GQ. Both blond, now that Gabe had
decided to dye his hair back to his original color. It was like staring at two
really bright superstars.
Hating them was
like hating the Easter bunny. Try all you want, but you’ll eat every piece of
chocolate in the basket, just you wait.
“So, classes?”
Kiersten leaned forward. “I heard you got stuck with that hot new psych prof.”
Wes growled low in
his throat.
“Down boy.” I
braced my hands on the table and laughed. “Besides he’s not that hot.”
“A girl passed
out.” Kiersten’s eyebrows shot up. “Like in class.”
“Dehydration?” I
shrugged, taking a sip of coffee.
“Or…” She leaned forward.
“…the rumors are true.”
“Rumors…” Gabe
backed away from Saylor, his lips swollen. “…are always based on truth.”
“So you really did
do a naked dance in your underwear last week after getting drunk downtown at
Pike Place Market?” I tilted my head and waited while Gabe rolled his eyes and
popped his knuckles. “Exactly.”
He opened his
I took a picture.
With a grimace, he
snatched my phone away from me. “Never thought I’d have to tell you to lay off
the pictures, Miss Paparazzi.”
I slumped in my seat.
“It’s for an assignment with that hot professor.”
“Aha!” Kiersten
jabbed her finger at me. “I knew it.”
I pinned her with a
look. “Sarcasm, friend, sarcasm.”
“Boys get girls
pregnant,” Gabe offered, while Wes choked on the coffee he’d just stolen out of
my hand.
Serves him right!
“Don’t date them.”
“You’re going to be
a great dad.” I smiled sweetly. “What? You’re just going to lock your girls in
their rooms and go—” I mimicked his voice. “—uh, you see boy parts are bad,
they make girls have lots of babies, like rabbits, and you know how rabbits
make dad nervous and—”
“Hilarious,” Gabe’s
eyes narrowed. “And please don’t talk about kids yet…”
Saylor laughed
quietly next to him then squeezed his arm.
My heart dropped.
A very long time
ago, I’d wanted to be that for Gabe, then Taylor happened and well… I
shuddered, blocking out the painful memories, the things I’d done, the things
he’d done, the things we’d done.
“You okay?” Wes
asked, his voice soft. He was way too perceptive for my taste. If I’d wanted to
share, he’d be the guy I’d talk to, but I was a vault. Sharing meant admitting
my guilt, and admitting meant I’d probably go insane just like he had.
“Yeah…” I straightened
in my seat. “…I just don’t want to fail my class, and I need to write down
nonverbal cues and take at least one picture. And pretty sure I need to ace
this first assignment on account that I was late to my prof’s class, and I got
in trouble.”
“He spank you?”
Gabe’s eyes mocked across his coffee.
“Yes, Gabe,” I said
calmly. “Because that’s how they punish bad students here at UW — with a
yardstick and a smile.”
“I wish.” He
whistled. “What I wouldn’t give to have Saylor—”
I plugged my ears.
He threw his head
back and laughed while Saylor turned bright red and put her hand over his mouth
to shush him.
“So…” Wes ignored
Gabe as was his usual and leaned across the table. “…why don’t you take
pictures of people here in the coffee shop? I mean, ask permission, but most
people here are super interesting, right? Studying? Stressed out? Tired?” He
pointed to a guy in the corner. “He looks like he’s running on five cups of
coffee and one hour of sleep. Go ask, take the picture, make some notes,
project done.”
“You make it sound
so easy,” I grumbled.
He grinned. “I’m
Wes Michels.”
I hung my head
lower and grimaced.
“Phone.” He held
out his hand and stood.
Within minutes, not
only had he snapped two pictures for me but had taken notes on two pre-med
students who had stayed up all night cramming for what they’d assumed would be
a pop quiz, only to find out that they’d been in the wrong class on the wrong
“And that’s why I'm
not pre-med.” Gabe shuddered.
“Really?” Kiersten
asked. “I thought it was because big words scared you?”
What now?” He nodded. “Keep talking, Kiersten, or keep walking.”
“Spell it.” She
“So this
professor…” Gabe changed the subject. “If he tries anything, use the Mace or
the rape whistle.”
“Right.” I nodded.
“I’ll be sure to do that. In class. With a hundred other students. When he
looks at me cross-eyed.”
“Good,” he huffed.
“I was kidding.”
Saylor patted
Gabe’s shoulder. “Gotta let the baby birds out of the nest someday, Gabe.”

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street
Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances.
When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and
plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir
Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing
journey at


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Another wonderful book by a new to me author. I will definitely be picking up more of her books.

This book focuses on the Whiskey Prince, who is not really a prince, but is revered by the town as royalty.

He finds love across the lake.

And a sweet young woman, Amberlyn, who has had to deal with death of family members at en early age.

This book is sweet and charming and has some bad situations, but overall it is a cat and mouse of I love you, I love you not (if that makes sense).

I loved the characters, Declan, Amberlyn, Fiona, Kane, etc. Although there were a few characters that gave slimy a run for it's money, they all fit together like a nice new puzzle.

I'm looking forward to 2015 when the next book in this series comes out.

4.5 Stars

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I was thoroughly enjoying the Colorado Mountain series when I switched over to the Rock Chick books.

This book reminds me of the Stephanie Plum (Janet Evanovich) and Heller (JD Nixon) series. It is fun and funny, light and airy and there are lots of laughs.

India (Indy) Savage has known Liam (Lee) Nightingale all her life. She has been in love with him forever, trying to get him to notice her and throwing herself at him.

She had finally decided that fate would not play a role in her fantasy and romantic feelings, so she has sworn off Lee.

Now Lee is back and he is taking what he wants and what he wants is Indy.

Indy manages to get herself involved with some not so nice people and in steps Lee, trying to protect her with his he man belief that Indy should just fall at his feet.

There is action, adventure, kidnapping, murder, pot plants, love, hate, treachery, etc. In the mix is also Indy's best friend, Allie, who is also Lee's sister.

Absolutely laugh out loud fun books to read.

4 stars