Monday, September 1, 2014


Peyton is a graduate of a culinary school. She is offered a job at a magazine. The job is not what it was supposed to be and the boss is a sexual predator. Peyton quits and is now unemployed.

While she is attending a wedding she sees a childhood friend, Finn MacBain. Peyton is filling in for a week at a temporary job and quickly needs to flee. Peyton was saved from drowning by Finn when she was a little girl and he's always been her "hotshot".

Bullets fly, there are car chases and Peyton is in the middle of it. She plans to sue her ex-boss for harassment, but has to figure out how to do it. Finn gets the story out of Peyton and becomes her protector. Finn is a previous Olympic swimmer and is currently working for the FBI.

Peyton's Uncle Len offers Peyton and her sisters a job. He has a property called Bishop's Cove and offers for them to run it for a year and if they show a 20% profit, the property is theirs. Or they can take cash. The sisters agree to run the property.

Finn has been running an investigation into Peyton and the fact that there are bullet holes in her car.

Peyton's cousin, Debbie, was given a similar offer to run a property, but opted for the cash. Now that she's gone through the money and is getting divorced, she wants in on Bishop's Cove and after cajoling her father and whining, Uncle Len gives in.

Things are moving along at a snail's pace while the resort is being renovated and there is someone that is intentionally sabotaging all the efforts. Is it Cassidy, the greedy land developer, or is it an insider?

During all of the craziness, Peyton and Finn have formed a wonderful romantic relationship, but Finn does not want to get married or have children. Can Peyton change his mind or will he walk away.

5 stars