Monday, July 28, 2014


TV reporter, Char Lynn has known Jake Titus since childhood and had a crush on him that long. With their mutual best friend, Kacey, marrying Jake’s brother, Travis, the two are thrown together (with a lot of help from grandma) in a discovery of their true feelings.

Grandma makes it awkward at every possible turn for them.

Jake, being the rich, handsome and arrogant bachelor is a one night stand kind of guy. Char on the other hand is looking for HEA. The sparks and insults fly between the two of them as they take us on a journey.

Grandma is now one of my favorite characters in any book. She is an eighty year old, meddling woman with more stunts and capers up her sleeve. I absolutely laugh every time she does something underhanded.

4.5 Stars