Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I thought I would love this book from the description, but unfortunately I did not. I hate to give bad reviews, so I am going to give positive and negative comments.

I had a difficult time connecting to Kate/Daisy, who is the main character in this book.

Her sister Violet was all kinds of crazy.

Jeremy, Kate's husband was a sweet man, but I thought him a bit to disconnected.

The story revolves around an earthquake that was predicted by Vi (both Kate and Vi purportedly have "senses") that will hit St. Louis. To me the actual earthquake was a metaphor.

Almost from the start you knew that ***SPOILER***Kate was going to end up having sex with Hank (a friend who was a stay at home dad). When it actually happened, it was unrealistic. That being said Kate also had sex with her husband the same night (yuck) and is pregnant, not knowing who the father is.***END SPOILER***

In the end there are three children, Rosie, Owen and Gabe. Of the three children Gabe seems to be the one who has inherited the senses.

Now, there were some good parts to the story. I did enjoy the relationship when the sisters were together. There relationship was more realistic and there were some scenes in the past and present that I enjoyed.

I also loved that Kate took her father shopping every Thursday and to find out he might have had "senses".

I did find myself unsatisfied with the ending, but the writing itself was very good, I just wasn't happy with the plot and ending.

3.5 stars