Thursday, June 19, 2014


I absolutely loved this book.

Everly, with her dark past and Cole attempting to hide a secret are polar opposites.

Everly is taking care of her grandfather while finishing off her schooling and Cole is a professional baseball player. Everly is wondering where she will get money to pay for things, whereas, Cole has plenty of money.

Everly is talked into being Cole's secret physical therapist by Cole's brother without letting anyone know since he can't have the fact that his has an issue with his pitching shoulder show up on his record. Cole's brother arranges for the two of them to help one another out. Cole by paying Everly and Everly by helping Cole treat his shoulder.

They have great chemistry and the story is very well developed. It is not jump into bed and have sex for these two, it is the formation of a professional relationship that glides into a unique friendship and then to a wonderful ending. There are plenty of surprises along the road for these two and that is most of the fun to live the journey with them.

I just found out that Meant to Be is a follow up to this book and am so excited to read it.

5 stars