Wednesday, June 4, 2014


While I read the first book in this series prior to joining GR and knowing I loved all books Kristin Hannah, I was totally not prepared for the depth of this book.

In the second book in this series, things that I never thought of were gone into in detail. I loved the first book, Firefly Lane, but this book was just a good.

This book picks up where Firefly Lane left off. I was expecting a coherent group of family members who would deal with Kate's death together. Instead I got a mish mosh of family who had a lot to digest and handle..

Margie and Bud were predominate showing up when needed.

The focus of this book seemed to be about Marah and her bad choices, Tully and her career and Johnny and how he is dealing with the loss of his beloved wife and trying to raise two small boys and a daughter who is reeling from the loss of her mother.

I got a look at Tully's mother Dorothy/Cloud and at a particular point, I learned about Tully's father and the meaning of her name.

This book could be depressing if it weren't for the support given throughout the book. It deals with a lot of different issues from loss, death, drugs, addiction, recovery and most of all a family that comes together to be supportive.

5 Stars