Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Coben is a masterful storyteller. All of his books are books that are totally relatable and things that could actually happen.

In this particular book, there is a lot going on. At the beginning it almost seemed as if I was reading 2 different books.

The main character, Kat is in the NYC police department.

Her father was killed 18 years ago, her boyfriend dumped her around the same time and she was given a subscription to an online dating service by her friend, Stacey.

While browsing the site, Kat sees her ex-boyfriend and tries to initial contact.

There was a boy in the station that wanted to talk to her. He was concerned that something happened to his mother because he hadn't spoken to her.

A very colorful character is Aqua and I was really shocked by what has happened to him.

Another 5 star book from Harlan Coben