Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book from the author.  I jumped at the chance because I love her writing style.
This was the story of Louise Palmer.  Having had a very insecure childhood and having found stability in Clay, her husband, she is happy to live the rest of her life in Westfield, NJ among her friends.  A letter from Florida upturns Louise's life and she fights it tooth and nail, scheming the entire time.  This is a book of love, friendship and new beginnings.  It is written in Bette Lee Crosby's usual Southern Flair and tugged at my heartstrings.
I really enjoyed this book.  Bette Lee Crosby is another of my "must read" authors.
4.5 stars

In the second Mickey Bolitar book we see more action, adventure and friendships forming.  We are treated to some details and learn more about the characters.  The narrator for this series (I listed to the audio book) is outstanding and made listening very enjoyable for me.

The adventures for Mickey continue.  We are still left with questions and these books remind me a polished and, more mature and up-to-date Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys books that I so enjoyed reading.  The character development is great.  I'm kind of hoping that Coben brings Win or Esperenza into this series because that would just make it that much better.

Mickey continues to find out more about the Abeona Shelter and he and his friends search for the truth about a death and what is going on.  The recurring characters are wonderful and the story just makes you want to find out more.  There was a little bit of healing with Mickey's relationship with Myron and I hope that in future books we will get to delve more into their relationship.  When things start to get bad for Mickey and his friends, Mickey thinks of their safety.

I love this series and am anxious for the next book.

4.5 stars